A transnational corporation with our headquarters in Houston, TX, USA, considered the world leader in petrochemical manufacturing and supply. We seek to revolutionize the process of supplying chemical products to the Americas through our 100% controlled infrastructure, supported by an e-commerce platform providing line-of-sight visibility for both producers and consumers of petrochemicals.

We cover the Paint, Adhesive, Mining, Oil and Gas, Plastics, Fertilizers, Lubricants, Food, Automotive, Cosmetics, Cleaning and other specialties sectors of the chemical industry. Currently we sell, transport and store a range of products: Methanol, Sulfuric Acid, Surfactants, Vegetable Oils, Drilling fluids, Biofuels, Aromatics, Lubricants, Caustic Soda and Ethanol, among others.

We focus on providing the most efficient logistics and marketing solutions for the growing supply of petrochemicals into the Americas region through our four distinct BUSINESS ENTITIES.